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December 3 at Bethany, MO
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The Rose Garden Center Auction

Personal Property

Location: 28201 Hwy 5, Cincinnati, IA

9 a.m.. Thursday, October 13th, 2022
Trees,,decorative Items,gardening Supplies,perennials,house Plants,shade Perennials

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DIRECTIONS: Approximately 7 miles south of Centerville, IA or 15 miles north of Unionville, MO on west side of Hwy 5. Watch for signs!



150 to 200 trees including: 60+ Maple trees October Glory Maple Red Sunset Maple Norway Maple Bowhall Maple Weeping Willow Quaking Aspen Red Oak Pin Oak Walnut Zelkova Tree Clump Birch Elm Weeping Cherry Flowering Cherry Flowering Pear Hibiscus Tree Lilac Tree Flowering Plum Pussy Willow  e Blues Blue Spruce 20+ Dwarf Alberta Spruce Deodar Cedar Glauca Globsia Picea(very nice) spiral trimmed Arboritive(large, rare) Sycamore Tree Japanese Maple Most of the shade trees are 10 to 15 gallon containers. Evergreen trees are smaller


Bing Cherry Bartlett Pear 50+ apple trees including: Cortland Honey-Crisp Red Macintosh Fuji Red Delicious Gala Jonagold 4 in 1 eating varieties 4 in 1 cider collectio


600 to 800 shrubs with sizes ranging from 1 gallon to 10 gallon containers(majority is from 1-5) 60+ Hardy Hibiscus 60+ Boxwood 160+ Hydrangea 20+ Weigala 35+ Hicksii Yew 20+ Barberry 50+ Lanscape Roses 30+ False Cypress 20+ Holly Reblooming Lilacs Tea Roses Knock Out Roses Wisteria Vine Honeysuckle 20+ Juniper Buckthorn Spirea Azelia Weeping Hemlock Tom  umb Arboritive Lilacs Deutzia Rose of Sharon Dogwood


800 to 1000 perennials, mainly 1 gallon containers: Cone fl ower•Salvia•Dianthus•Veronica• Butterfly•Asiatic Lily•Irises•Columbine•Sedum•Creeping Phlox•Ornamental grass•Yucca•Lavender•Coreopsis•Shasta Daisey•Catmint•Daylilies•Delphinium•Peony•Clematis Vines•MANY MORE

Succulants and Succulant planters  ------  200 plus bags of Miracle Grow and Pro Mix potting soil.


60+ large wind-spinners(some in boxes)•25+ metal stars•100+ pieces painted Spanish Pottery•5 ceramic bird baths•200+ pieces indoor pottery•150+ pieces outdoor pottery(retail price from $20 to $400)•20+ metal roosters•metal Herons etc•2 arbors•300+ pieces yard art(huge selection)•cast iron garden w/ rose design•40+ wooden barn stars•100+ pieces metal wall art including eagles, ducks, pheasants, fi sh, roosters, butterfl ies, dragonfl ies, sunfl owers and more•50+ animal planters•100+ kinds and colors of metal planters•80+ kinds and colors plastic planters•wood and moss containers•2000+ PLANTERS•Corinthian Bells windchimes•60+ Carson wind-chimes•metal signs•20+ various plant stands•20+ bird houses•large selection Hummingbird feeders•clocks w/ animal sounds•animal sounds motion sensors•solar hot air balloons•decorative rock moss seashells•battery lanterns w/ sayings•plant picks•Terrariums•100+ Shepherd hooks•stepping stones•30+ trellises•mini garden supplies


2 displays gardening gloves•grass seed•bulk garden seed•cover crop seed•complete selection of Hyr Brix fertilizer(corn, tomato, fruit and berry, vegetable and organic in 5lb 20lb and 50lb containers. Also 4 kinds lawn fertilizer in 50ld bags and liquid in quart, gallon and 2.5 gallon containers)•30+ bags Milorcranite lawn fertilizer•Miracle Grow, Espoma Superthrive and Osmacote fertilizer•tree fertilizer spikes large selection Dramm watering supplies including wands, sprayers, parts and sprinklers•sprayers•hand tools•hand pruners•fertilizer spreaders•60+ rain gauges•plant stakes•40+ containers Preen•fruit production books•50lb lime & sulfur•plant saucers•repellents for deer, rabbit, dog, snake & mole•25 kinds and sizes bug killers mainly Bonide brand•5 fungicides•5 weed killers•50+ watering cans•large selection weed barriors in retail and bulk rolls•150+ tomato cages•Peony cages•70 bags raised bed soil•selection of Peat moss, top soil, compost, lava rock and mulch 300+ bags


40+ varieties including: Bridal Veil•Rex Begonia•Money Plant•Philodendron•Pineapple Aloe•Ficus Palms•Air Plants•Crotens and more


approximately 300 mainly in 1 gallon containers: Ferns•Hellebore•Hostas(some in 3 gal.)•Brunnera•Sedge grass•Astibe•Bergenia•Bleeding Hearts•Heachera Hearts•Ajuga

7% sales tax will be charged unless exemption # is provided.

52” Toro Zero turn mower  --- 7500 watt generato      


Lots of unlisteditems  ------ Running 2 rings  --------    Lunch on grounds

contact # 641.895.2633

As the Hostetlers have sold their garden center they are offering the entire inventory at public auction. The garden center will remain open for business until auction day. It will reopen spring of 2023 under new ownership. Hope to see you there!! Allen Fox JR

The Rose Garden Center Auction

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